We are proud to announce the winners of the Women's Month Campaign!

Thank you to all the people who have nominated phenomenal women to receive gifts in recognition of their selfless work that makes a positive impact on others. Here are the winners and reasons for their nominations:

Zaza Motha - Zaza is the founder of POUT Movement, an initiative that supports young women in South Africa. She organises talks that inspire and motivate young women, encouraging them to reach their full potential.

Linda Mbuqe - Linda has been teaching high school pupils during her free time, assisting them to improve on their marks as well as guiding them to apply for entry into tertiary institutions. She also mentors these learners and prepares them for life in a higher education institution.

Mogau Mosebjadi - Mogau started the company, The Lazy Makoti which has brought back fun into the preparation and execution of traditional foods. Many modern women dread cooking but she has given women the opportunity to view cooking and preparing meals in an exciting light.

The ladies received a fruit crate with wine, a vegetable crate with wine as well as a shopping voucher respectively. Well done ladies! Keep doing the great work that you do and may you positively impact many more lives.

Celebrate Heritage Day with these amazing hampers.

Spring is here and with Spring comes heritage day. A day where we get to celebrate the diverse heritage of South Africa. What better way to tell stories about heritage than around a fire! To help celebrate this important day, Washesha offers hampers containing:

  • Meat and Chicken.
  • Charcoal and firelighters.

Please follow this link to have a look at the hampers: https://washesha.co.za/products/braai-hamper-no-pork


Enjoy Spring!


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